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What is a WDO Inspection?

A “Wood Destroying Organism” inspection is often required by a lender when purchasing a home or other property in Florida. This inspection looks for termites and signs of termite damage that could affect the value of the property. Anti-Pesto’s trained, certified inspectors will visit the property and perform a thorough inspection. When the inspection is complete, a WDO Certification will be provided which documents the results of the inspection.

How does this process work?

After you complete your request, we will contact you to confirm the date, time, and location for your inspection. After visiting the property, your Anti-Pesto inspector will contact you with the results of your inspection and provide the documentation you need.

Are there other wood-destroying organisms? Or are we just looking for termites?

By far the most notorious wood-destroying organisms (“WDOs”) in Florida are subterranean termites. This is because they do the vast majority of all damage caused by WDOs in the state. But our trained inspectors will also be keeping a sharp eye out for:

  • drywood termites
  • wood-destroying beetles, and
  • wood-destroying fungi

And we aren’t just looking for the organisms themselves. We’ll be thoroughly checking for signs of activity—both past and present—to make sure you have all the information you need about the property!

Why is it important to have a WDO inspection in Florida?

Oftentimes, your lender will insist on having Form 13645 (the official Florida “Wood-Destroying Organisms Inspection Report”) before closing. This is because there are an estimated 10-13 colonies of subterranean termites per acre of land in Florida!

The threat of termites arriving on your property is very real. Termites cause more damage than floods, fires, and hurricanes combined. And that’s why we take inspecting your property — and protecting it in the future — very seriously.

Far more than just inspecting your property before you buy it, we would welcome the opportunity to show you how we can keep your investment safe from termite damage for as long as you own the property!

What areas of the property will be inspected?

When we perform your upcoming “wood destroying organism” (WDO) inspection, we’ll be examining:

  • the property surrounding the structure (e.g. trees, landscaping, soil, etc.)
  • the exterior of the structure (stucco, fascia, any wood that comes in contact with the ground)
  • entry points (e.g. doors, windows, etc.)
  • the garage
  • the attic (rafters, joists, etc.)
  • all areas of the interior of the structure

We’ll be looking not just for termites and other wood-destroying organisms themselves, but for any signs of activity—past or present. This includes things like damaged wood, mud tunnels, droppings, and more.

Thus, we’ll need complete access to the property to complete our inspection.

Why are subterranean termites such a big deal in Florida?

Subterranean termites are tiny creatures, but they cause more than 80% of the estimated $5 billion dollars in total termite damage every year in the United States.

If they’ve taken up residence in your home, the cost to remediate the damage they cause can be quite substantial.

If you’re buying a property in Florida, having a trained professional conduct your WDO inspection allows you to know ahead of time what you’re getting into. And if we find evidence of termites or other wood-destroying organisms, you’re able to make sure that the situation is properly accounted for before you buy.

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